April update from John

Welcome again to Thoughthub!

The ThoughtConnect; Group now boasts pre-eminent experience across all sectors of the business community.

This includes 0ver 400 years of actual hands on business experience that can help you through every aspect of your personal and business life.

The group continues to flourish and we now have 16 Associates.

We also have the privilege of being Partnered by some of the biggest professional service companies in Australia – RSM Australia, Normans Legal, HSW Financial Planning and Loan Time Broking.

Their supports add immense support to our customers and Associates.

I’m pleased to welcome Lee-Anne Folkers, Toni Everard and Bek Smith to The ThoughtConnect; Group.

What is ThoughtConnect; and why would it assist you and your business?

We exist to facilitate your success!

To be listened to and valued brings about a mutual respect of understanding for you and us.

We seek to listen, take personal interest and provide quality outcomes and support, whenever you need it.

This is what we seek for ourselves and what we seek for you.

This vision underpins everything we believe and do at ThoughtConnect;

If you seek the same we would love to speak with you about how we can work together.

Lets talk!

Our new ways of communicating

We understand that nothing beats the face to face, our digital strategy allows us to amplify what we do and to deliver ongoing value in between our meetings.

Please take the tour of our new website, we also have The ThoughtConnect; Group app, it’s called ThoughtHub it’s where you can read our news in your time. The GooglePlay and App Store links are located in the footer of this email.

I am looking forward to catching up soon so that I can introduce you to our team of professionals.


John Munro
Director and Founder
The ThoughtConnect; Group





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